Matt Ryan Reprises Role of Constantine, Justice League Dark!

So folks Matt Ryan will be reprising the role of Constantine but in a slightly different context than previously as this time he will be voicing the character of Constantine in the new Animated movie of Justice League Dark. Check out the trailer.

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Scuppered Rumour Mill

Dear all after posting that there are rumours flying around about Constantine and a chance it might be renewed by CW, Daniel Cerone the now obsolete Constantine Producer posted this on twitter

Checked with execs and CW Seed (streaming ) is separate from CW Network. So no current plans to bring back show. 🙁

So its looks like instead of yeaaahhh they are bring it back, its gonna have to be Pooooooh well we just have to keep on fighting 🙁

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I’m Back!

Hello all, remember me :), not been around for some time due to this being the worse year I have ever had at work.  Not going to go into any detail about it but it has been the worse year of my career of 20 years in education.  I’m still teaching but not to sure for how long and its made this web site and my posts to it sit on my back burner of importance.

Any who I thought as I’m now on my official summer break that I would post about Constantine and any progress with getting a season 2.  The possibility of achieving a season 2 for Constantine appeared to be dead in the water, didn’t seem to make any difference how much Hell-blazers emailed, phoned and generally tried to bug the hell out of all the chief executives of every American syndicated network TV station or cable station there just didn’t appear to be any hope.

Trouble is Hell-blazers didn’t really take any notice, we just kept plugging away keeping the name of Matt Ryan and Constantine alive on twitter and on the net.  Obviously its not new news that Constantine made a guest appearance on Arrow which was a great success and pulled in all the Hell-blazer fans as well as the Arrow universe fans, and the fact that Oliver Queen contacts Constantine to keep asking for advise has kept Constantine alive in both the fans minds and the minds of the network executives.

Well now there appears to be a rumour going around that the CW network might be thinking of resurrecting our petty dabbler for a second season and that they are testing the waters to see if there is still interest out there on the web by showing Constantine season 1 for free on their CW Seed site some of the rumours out there are from blastr Rumor of the day  and at the Morning Ledger Constantine Season 2 Renewed with CW.  Well if it does turn out to be true then its about bloody time, Hell-blazers are sick of living in a Constantine desert waiting on baited breath for any bit of news that’s flying around, if its not true then well a big fat Pooh but we wont give up trying.

So if you are an avid Constantine fan and want to show to CW that Constantine still has a loyal strong and large fan base then go to CW Seed and start streaming all the episodes.

If you are out side of America then you probably cant stream from the CW Seed site, this is an issue for me as well.  Try downloading and using Hola a free VPN service that once you sign up to it and install it allows you to stream online content from American Network and cable television.

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Sorry haven’t been around much lately work, life and sorting out a new computer has gotten in the way of blogging about Matt and his projects but I’m hoping to add some new stuff over the next few days 🙂

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Further details for Constantine Call in

Here are the details for Geoff Johns with the rest of the information for the call in on Friday and Emails to contact, click on the thumbnail to see the full sized image.  Come on guys lets get Constantine back on our screens 🙂

constatnineposter3 geoffjohns constantineposter2 constantineposter4



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