Constantine Again :)

Ok so anyone who is anyone that follows Matt Ryan knows that Constantine was cancelled by NBC no shit Sherlock well we Hellblazers aren’t taking it lying down or standing up or in an particular position you want to mention. We are determined to keep working at getting Constantine back on our little black boxes in our living rooms one way or a bloody other.

So to do this we who frequent twitterland are having a mass call in or phone in to the American TNT network on Friday 26th June 2015 to try to drum up interest in taking Constantine off the cancelled shelf and giving it a new home. So please anyone reading this blog use the information in the posters to phone, email and generally pester Warner Bros TV and TNT’s President Kevin Reilly and DC Entertainments @geoffjohns so they at least realise that there is still a demand out here for Constantine. I will add contact details for Geoff Johns shortly.

Remember if you are on twitter to always include #Constantine in your tweets and don’t use the SaveConstantine hash tag as it was trolled early on.



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