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Author Topic: Board Rules  (Read 2196 times)


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Board Rules
« on: June 14, 2015, 09:09:38 PM »
Please take the time to read through our rules which enable the continued operation of the forum and foster enjoyment for all, as our members vary widely in age and come from a wide range of countries and cultures.

The forum administrators/moderators are all volunteers who freely give up their time to help with the continued smooth running of the forum and reading through the rules will help you understand why you may on occasion be contacted by one of them. Such contact can range from simply seeking clarification about something or reminding you of a rule to suspension or a permanent ban in cases where the rules are repeatedly contravened or where there is a blatant failure to uphold the rules. If you are contacted by a staff member regarding an issue involving one of the rules listed below, or regarding any other matter, please be aware that the decision of the staff member is final and must be abided by.

(Please note that the vast majority of members do not contravene any of our rules.)


A) On joining, members MUST post within three months of their joining date. Please note that failure to do so will result in membership being deleted.

B) Multiple accounts are not permitted - there is no reason to be more than one person on this forum and to do otherwise is suggestive of an underhand or detrimental purpose.

C) Do not use "text speak." Please rather attempt to use standard English and appropriate punctuation. The reason is because non-standard English can be confusing and difficult to understand, particularly to non-native English speakers. Mistakes are to be expected, but if in the opinion of staff the meaning of your post is not clear, you can expect it to be modified.

D) The language of this forum is English. So that we can understand each other, please use standard English, and translate any foreign words or phrases within the same post.

E) THIS BOARD IS A PG13 BOARD. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please remember that members may be as young as 13 and any comments or images that step over the PG-13 line are not permitted. This applies to Personal Messages (PM's) as well. Though this forum's staff can not view your PM's, they can be viewed by Surpass Hosting Administrators and has mechanisms in place to detect non-PG13 content in PM's on any forum on their server. Surpass will take action to close down forums which violate their PG13 standards. Everyone has a sense of humour so when it comes to innuendo, people should be able to cope with that. However, sexually explicit comments or anything of a graphic or obscene nature are not permitted. This applies to comments about Matt and anyone/anything else. Images or discussions of an excessively violent, gory or cruel nature are not allowed. Links to non-PG13 images, or websites containing non-PG13 content are strictly prohibited and will be removed.

F) DO NOT POST ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION about Matt or any of his co-stars such as telephone numbers, home addresses or email addresses. Only official contacts such as Agency or Production Company websites/addresses are permitted.

G) Discussion of the personal lives of actors, crew or any of their families or partners is not permitted.

H) Be careful to avoid ?negativity? and do not criticise members for having an opinion. You are entitled to your own opinion but please be mindful that it is possible to disagree with someone by putting your case forward in a pleasant way so as not to actually criticise them personally. Please note that any signs of aggression will result in being banned from the forum.

I) Posting of Spoilers is carefully monitored on this forum, and we have specific rules with regard to where or when they can be posted, along with the use of our ?Spoiler Tag?.

J) Try to avoid ?colourful? language (aka swearing) you never know who is reading your posts, if its something you wouldn't say in front of your kids then don't post it.

K) Do not use asterisks (****) or other notation (e.g. @#$%^) to cover swear words.

L) Please be mindful of using words/phrases that might not be offensive to you but can be offensive to other people. This is an international forum, and we ask that you be sensitive to the differences which might exist across cultures when posting. If our staff is made aware that something you've posted is offensive to certain cultures, it will likely be removed, and we ask for your understanding if we find it necessary to take that step.

M) Spamming by Personal Message (PM) or email is strictly forbidden and is an invasion of our members? privacy and right to enjoy this forum in peace. Please note that anyone found spamming (including links) will be banned immediately.

N) With regard to other "Matt Ryan" fansites/forums, you may post links to any forum without prior approval of forum staff as long as you have vetted the site before hand and its not in breach of any of the forum rules.


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