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Author Topic: Contacting Forum Administrators / Moderators  (Read 676 times)


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Contacting Forum Administrators / Moderators
« on: June 14, 2015, 09:16:41 PM »
A) If you are unsure about pictures or information that may contravene copyright and/or plagiarism laws (as under ?Copyright and Plagiarism?) - please send a personal message (PM).

B) If you are offended or upset by any messages, posts or personal messages (PM's) by another member - please send a PM to a staff member and provide us with information about what has upset you and the details of the thread where we can find it. If there is a problem and we don?t know about it, we can?t deal with it so please keep us informed of any issues if and when they arise. Please do not directly PM the member who has offended or upset you, but rather leave it to the staff to address the matter with them. However friendly and well-intentioned your PM may be, if a member receives a string of PMs from other members 'warning' them about their behavior, they may begin to feel 'attacked' and unwelcome. Please report the post to the staff, and let staff address the matter.

C) If you would like something changed/added to the forum such as new subboards or features - please send a PM or add it to the I would like to see forum and please remember to form your question so it doesn't sound like a demand. (The forum administrators/moderators try to accommodate reasonable requests wherever possible.)

D) If anything on the forum belongs to you and you want credit for it - please send a PM as it is easy for this type of information to become ?lost? among all the posts.

E) If you would like to add a link to another site/forum you run - please send a PM. We will determine its suitability and post it on the ?Links? board as appropriate. Please note that you must have made at least 100 posts on this board before your link will be considered.

F) Please do not post asking to be a moderator - we will contact you if we believe you have what it takes.

G) If you have any questions about any of the rules or about the forum itself - please send a PM to any staff member, and include the subject of your PM in the subject line.

Thank you for taking the time to read the rules and we hope you enjoy being a member of this terrific forum!

Matts Private life

It is strictly against our rules to discuss any aspect of Matt Ryans private life.

We are very respectful of Matt's privacy, and will do our utmost to respect his wish to keep his private life separate from his career. Discussion or speculation about his personal relationships, personal residence, family, etc., is strictly prohibited on this board.

DO NOT POST ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION ON MATT or any of his co-stars, such as phone numbers, home addresses, email addresses, etc. Anyone violating this rule will be permanently banned from the forum.

Official contact information such as Agency details or Production Company websites/addresses are permitted.


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