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Author Topic: Members Profiles  (Read 768 times)


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Members Profiles
« on: June 14, 2015, 08:42:29 PM »
A member's profile includes many key details about the member and can help your own personal forum preferences.Member also have the option to write your own signature, upload an avatar, and enter personal contact information. Usually, other members of the forum will be able to view your profile.

Profile Information

Summary: The Summary screen (in the section Profile Info) displays basic forum information about a member, as well as any additional information that you may wish to share.

A member may view their own profile summary at any time simply by selecting Profile from the main menu. A member may view another member's profile summary by selecting the member's name wherever it is displayed on the forum.

Display Name: A member may choose a display name that is different to their username. The Display Name appears next to a member's posts in the forum, so it is the name that is visible to the public. After registering, the display name is usually set to be the same as the username, but you can change this in the section Profile > Account Settings. Change the text in the field Name and then click on Change profile at the bottom of the page in order to save.

Communication Icons: If as a member you provide information for various communication methods such as email, web site, ICQ, or AIM, it will be displayed in the form of icons.

Online Status : If a member has not chosen to hide their online status, it is displayed.

Send PM: A member may send a private message to another member.

Show Posts: All of the posts of a particular member.

Show Stats: A member may view various stats related to another member.

Username: A member uses their username to login. This entry is listed only when members are viewing their own profile.

Posts: The forum keeps track of the number of each member's post, as well as an average per day.

Email: A member may choose to hide their email, in which case it is not displayed.

Karma: is displayed if it is switched on and you can assign good Karma and bad Karma to individuals posts.

Personal Text : If a member has chosen to enter personal text, it is displayed.

Gender : A member may choose not to disclose their gender, in which case it is not displayed.

Age: If a member has filled in their birth date, their age is displayed.

Location: - If a member has chosen to disclose their location, it is displayed.

Warning Level: If a member has been warned it is displayed to administrators, and also to moderators who have been assigned the necessary permissions.

Date Registered: The forum remembers when each member first registered.

Local Time: Since a member may be from any part of the world, their local time is displayed.

Last Active: The forum keeps track of when a member was last active.

Signature : If a member has created a signature, then it is displayed.


Show Posts:All of the posts of a particular member, excluding those that have been removed, may be viewed by selecting Show Posts from the member's profile

info summary: There are three formats that can be used:

  • Messages - A list of all the member's individual posts is displayed.
    Topics - A list of the first posts from each of the topics that the member started is displayed.
    Attachments - A list of all the attachments the member has uploaded is displayed.

Show Stats:The profile stats screen may be viewed by selecting Show Stats from a member's profile info summary. Some interesting information may be found here:

Total Time Spent Online: The forum keeps an approximation of the total amount of time each member has spent browsing the forum.

Total Posts: Excluding removed posts, the forum calculates the total number of posts made by each member.

Total Topics Started: Excluding removed topics, the forum calculates the total number of topics started by each member.

Number of Polls Created Excluding removed polls, the forum calculates the total number of polls created by each member.

Number of Votes Cast: Excluding removed votes, the total number of votes cast by each member.

Posting Activity by Time: The forum calculates the percentage of posts made by a member in each hour of the day.

Most Popular Boards By Posts: The forum generates a ranking of the boards most posted in by the member, relative to the member's total post count.

Most Popular Boards By Activity: The forum generates a ranking of the boards most posted in by the member, relative to the board's total post count.

Account Settings:Members may modify basic account settings by default. These settings control the member's access to their account, as well as when and how they are visible to other members browsing the forum. The following options are available to be modified:

Name: While the username cannot usually be changed, a member may change their display name at any time. Other members browsing the forum will see display names instead of usernames in most places.

Preferred Language: If enabled by the administrator, a member can select their preferred language for the forum.

Email : The email address associated with a member's account may be changed, however a valid email address is required.

Allow users to email me: A member may choose to allow other members to contact them via email. The forum does not reveal the member's email address, but instead provides a contact form.

Show others my online status: If selected, a member will be displayed in the forum's Who's Online list.

Change Password:A member's password may be changed at any time.

Secret Question: The secret question is used in the event that a member forgets their password. Providing the correct answer aids the member in retrieving the password.

Current Password: The member's current password is required to make any changes to their account settings.

Forum Profile: In addition to basic account settings members also have the option of filling in additional, more personal information. None of these fields are required, and users often choose to leave some or all of them blank:

Avatar: An avatar is a small picture or graphic associated with a member. As a member you are allowed to upload or link to external avatars. Avatars appear below the Display name in posts.

Personal Text: The personal text is usually displayed directly underneath a member's avatar when they post.

Birth date: When a member provides their full birth date, their age is calculated and displayed on their profile. If the calendar feature is enabled, it is also placed on the calendar. Members can choose to omit the year of birth, in which case their birthday will still be displayed on the calendar, but their age will not be calculated.

Location : A member may choose to give a general idea of their location. It is not encouraged (or wise) for members to give their specific location in the form of an address or lat/lon coordinates.

Gender: If desired, a member may have their gender displayed. Selecting the blank line will prevent any gender from being displayed.

Messengers: Members may provide their various messenger usernames or numbers for clients such as ICQ, AIM, MSN, and YIM.

Custom Title: you can choose your own custom title. Custom titles are displayed below the member's display name when posting.

Signature: If provided, a member's signature is attached to the bottom of each of your posts.

Website : A member may advertise their own web site by providing its URL and a title.

Look and Layout: By default, members may change many different options that affect the look and layout to make their forum experience more enjoyable.

Members have the ability to use different themes: A member may choose the theme that they prefer. They may also customize the time format that the theme uses to display dates and times. Additionally, setting a time offset allows the forum to display dates and times in the member's local time. The forum provides a handy auto-detect feature in case a member does not know what their offset should be.

Notifications: a member can choose to be notified instantly, daily, or weekly about replies, moderation actions, or both in topics for which they have requested notifications on.

Receive forum newsletters, announcements and important notifications by email: Newsletters, announcements, and other notifications will be delivered to the member's email.

Turn notification on when you post or reply to a topic: When a member posts a new topic or replies to an existing topic, notification for that topic will be turned on automatically when this option is enabled.

When sending notification of a reply to a topic: send the post in the email (but please don't reply to these emails). - Email notifications will include the contents of the posts. These emails should not be responded to.

Personal Messaging: Personal messages allow private communication between two members.
If a member chooses All at once, a list of messages is displayed at the top with all of those messages displayed below the list. Selecting One at a time results in only one message being displayed at the top with a list of messages below it. As a conversation mimics the forum functionality, creating a topic-like list of replies. It is highly recommended that a member save their messages in their outbox if they choose to display messages as a conversation. The second option controls the order in which the messages are displayed.

Receive personal messages from: Members can control who is allowed to send them private messages. It can be limited to members not on their ignore list, buddies and administrators, or only administrators.

Buddies/Ignore List: Inevitably, there will be times when members get along great and times when personalities clash. The buddy list allows members to keep track of users they enjoy talking to, while the ignore list hides users they do not want to see.

Edit Buddies:Members may add or delete other members from their buddy list.

Edit Ignore List : Members may add or delete other members from their ignore list.

Send personal message: Click this link to send a Personal message to the member whose profile you are viewing.

Issue a Warning: An Administrator or moderator can issue a Warning to other users based on their behavior or other reasons determined by the forum staff.

Ban This User: Administrators can ban a member if they have broken forum rules and the original declaration that they signed up to.

Delete This Account: Should a member decide that they no longer want to be part of a forum, they may delete their account. The member's current password is required to carry out this task.
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