New Wallpapers

2 new wallpaper I have created over the last couple of weeks, hope everyone likes them 🙂




the first image started of as a practice attempt at a more stylized Celtic cross and then evolved and morphed into something quite different, I don’t always have an idea in my head and sometimes just go with the way it takes me.  The second image is all about Pentacles and their link to the natural forces in the world to the spirit and these forces can be creative and destructive as well.  Obviously as I am doing these wallpapers for Constantine fans an Image of Matt has to be a component as well, that’s the hard part how can I fit him in and still keep the aesthetics of the image the way I want it.  What I may do at a later date is post the images without Matt, sorry Matt but I think the images can stand on their own. I need to learn more and create better images 🙂

Hugs Daft 🙂

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