Constantine Again :)

Ok so anyone who is anyone that follows Matt Ryan knows that Constantine was cancelled by NBC no shit Sherlock well we Hellblazers aren’t taking it lying down or standing up or in an particular position you want to mention. We are determined to keep working at getting Constantine back on our little black boxes in our living rooms one way or a bloody other.

So to do this we who frequent twitterland are having a mass call in or phone in to the American TNT network on Friday 26th June 2015 to try to drum up interest in taking Constantine off the cancelled shelf and giving it a new home. So please anyone reading this blog use the information in the posters to phone, email and generally pester Warner Bros TV and TNT’s President Kevin Reilly and DC Entertainments @geoffjohns so they at least realise that there is still a demand out here for Constantine. I will add contact details for Geoff Johns shortly.

Remember if you are on twitter to always include #Constantine in your tweets and don’t use the SaveConstantine hash tag as it was trolled early on.



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New Wallpapers

2 new wallpaper I have created over the last couple of weeks, hope everyone likes them 🙂




the first image started of as a practice attempt at a more stylized Celtic cross and then evolved and morphed into something quite different, I don’t always have an idea in my head and sometimes just go with the way it takes me.  The second image is all about Pentacles and their link to the natural forces in the world to the spirit and these forces can be creative and destructive as well.  Obviously as I am doing these wallpapers for Constantine fans an Image of Matt has to be a component as well, that’s the hard part how can I fit him in and still keep the aesthetics of the image the way I want it.  What I may do at a later date is post the images without Matt, sorry Matt but I think the images can stand on their own. I need to learn more and create better images 🙂

Hugs Daft 🙂

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Constantine Artwork

I have been creating a lot of wallpapers and computer artwork for all the fans of Constantine on twitter but realise that not everyone who follows Matt Ryan are on twitter so I am posting it here for anyone to use as background wallpapers for their computers. 🙂



cropped-KEEPCALM1updated.png constantineposter cross cross2 cross4 cross5 POSTER2

As and when I make some more I will post my work here and also place it in the wallpaper section of the Gallery attached to this website 🙂

Thanx and Hugs


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Matt Ryan moves on

Actors careers tend to be fluid, jobbing actors move from project to project and from one medium to another.  The more flexible they are the better chance they have of staying in work.  Matt is one such actor who moves easily between acting in film to acting in television and acting on stage in the theater.

He has stated that his first love the medium he enjoys the most is the theater and it is to the theater that he returns now.  John Constantine is on hold and we are hoping for it to be revive but in the mean time Matt has to work and earn a copper :).  He has now tweeted of his involvement in a new production on Broadway which stars Kiera Knightly and Judith Light called Therese Raquin based on a french novel which was first published in 1867 and a first play adapted and performed in 1873 so its been around for a while and has a great track record. Matt will be acting the role of Laurent with Kiera Knightly playing Theresa. Looking at the story involving torrid love affairs, murder and suicide its gonna be one hell of a ride with some very steamy love scenes, so please any Hellblazers who will be lucky enough to go see it remember to take the smelling salts and report back to us on twitter with all the finer more lurid details. 🙂   

Story Synopsis 

” ThĂ©rèse Raquin is the daughter of a French sea-captain and an Algerian mother. After the death of her mother, her father brings her to live with her aunt, Madame Raquin, and her valetudinarian son, Camille. Because her son is “so ill”, Madame Raquin dotes on Camille to the point where he is selfish and spoiled. Camille and ThĂ©rèse grow up side-by-side, and Madame Raquin marries them to one another when ThĂ©rèse is 21. Shortly thereafter, Camille decides that the family should move to Paris so he can pursue a career.

Thérèse and Madame Raquin set up shop in the Passage du Pont Neuf to support Camille while he searches for a job. Camille eventually begins working for the Orléans Railway Company, where he meets up with a childhood friend, Laurent. Laurent visits the Raquins and decides to take up an affair with the lonely Thérèse, mostly because he cannot afford prostitutes any more. However, this soon turns into a torrid love affair.

They meet regularly and secretly in ThĂ©rèse’s room. After some time, Laurent’s boss no longer allows him to leave early, and so the two lovers have to think of something new. ThĂ©rèse inspires the idea of killing Camille. They eventually drown him on a boat trip, though in defending himself Camille has bitten Laurent on the neck. Madame Raquin is in shock after hearing the disappearance of her son and everybody believes the story of an accident. But Laurent is still uncertain about whether Camille is truly dead and frequently visits the mortuary, where he finally finds the dead Camille. ThĂ©rèse has nightmares and is very subdued, so Michaud—one of the regular visitors of the family—comes up with the idea that ThĂ©rèse should marry again and that the ideal husband would be Laurent. They marry but they are haunted by the memory of the murder they had committed. They have hallucinations of the dead Camille in their bedroom every night, preventing them from touching each other and quickly driving them insane. Laurent, who is an artist, can no longer paint a picture (even a landscape) which does not in some way resemble the dead man. They also have to look after Madame Raquin, who suffered a stroke after Camille’s death. Madame Raquin suffers a second stroke and becomes completely paralyzed (except for her eyes), after which Therese and Laurent reveal the murder in her presence during an argument.[2]

During an evening’s game of dominoes with friends, Madame Raquin manages to move her finger with an extreme effort of will to trace words on the table: “ThĂ©rèse et Laurent ont …“. The complete sentence was intended to be “ThĂ©rèse et Laurent ont tuĂ© Camille” (ThĂ©rèse and Laurent killed Camille). At this point her strength gives out, and the words are interpreted as “ThĂ©rèse and Laurent look after me very well”.

Eventually, Thérèse and Laurent find life together intolerable and plot to kill each other. At the climax of the novel, the two are about to kill one another when each of them realizes the plans of the other. They each then break down sobbing and reflect upon their miserable lives. After having embraced one last time, they each commit suicide by taking poison, all in front of the watchful gaze of Madame Raquin, who enjoys this late vengeance of her son.

I’m pretty sure that the plot line has been adapted in to various versions of book and film most notably A Postman Always Rings Twice which appears to have very close connections with the original story and was adapted in to film in 1946 with Lana Turner and John Garfield and then in 1981 with Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange

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Constantine were are we now!

So friends a hell of a busy week this week in regard to news for Constantine and its chances of being picked up by another network for season 2.  After much tweeting and hard work emailing networks, phoning networks and tweeting networks trying to get someone to pay attention to Constantine / Hellblazer fans. With a black out from all the cast, crew and producers on Constantine we finally received an update from Daniel Cerone.



A sad day for #Constantine. 

Well what did that link reveal, it revealed that Constantine was over and that the contracts for the writers, producers and cast were being wrapped up and that the show was now dead in this format.  What that exactly means we can only speculate on, maybe possible guest appearances on Arrow in relation to the Lazarus Pit or maybe as part of Justice League Dark who knows except the show is now over.

So once this news was issued the actors then decided to break their silence and tweet.



I will state for the record that Harold kept on tweeting right the way through and didn’t blank us out at all hes such a gentleman 🙂

David tweeted about having to break up the sets and finally today posted an image showing that this had been achieved. Such a crying shame as the mill house set was a beautiful set hope they managed to have keepsakes from it 🙂


Charles Halford hasn’t broken his silence yet, probably a busy man but finally Matt Ryan spoke today and it was heart breaking to see.



Well were does that leave us know? with a lot of questions. Did Warner Bros really try to shop Constantine around and how hard did they try, we Hellblazers are trying to find that out!. If they did what was the reason for not picking up the show, was it production costs or an issue with Warner Bros or DC Comics? what ever the reason it didn’t get picked up. However !!!!!! this does not necessarily mean the end of the show, lots of shows have found a new life even years after originally being killed off, the classic one is Dr Who and any Whovian will talk about all the time they spent out in the cold, petitioning the BBC to renew the show and low and behold even thought it was 10 years later it was finally brought back to life by BBC Wales :). Ripper Street another show canned by the BBC due to the cost of the production was brought by Amazon Instant Video 4 months after it had finished and all the contracts were up and all the scenes had been demolished.  They not only took on the show but got all the original cast back on board rebuilt the sets, produced a blazing season 3 and have stated that they are renewing the show for season 4 and 5 which I’m stoked about as I petitioned for it to be saved. 🙂

This proves that you can revive a show even when you think its at its most dire and its darkest hour. So don’t give up hope, don’t quit on the show, keep tweeting, keep emailing, making phone calls become a pest that networks, Warnerbros and DC Comics can no longer ignore.  Roar like a lion and don’t go out on a tiny meyaw 🙂 keep the faith brothers and sisters and remember once a Hellblazer always a Hellblazer power to the people 🙂 Ok that’s a homage to Wolfie Smith in Citizen Smith showing my age there 🙂

Lots of Big Hugs

Daft 🙂

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