Lets Save Consantine

Constantine still hasnt found a network for season 2 and we need to recruit you to help us secure a future for this fantastic show. Please go to my padlet wall and post how you feel about the show and saving it. Maybe you can come up with ideas on how to promote Constantine please post there. Maybe you can show people you know the wall and get them interested in Constantine. The more followers and the more interest we show the better. Dont just sit their drinking your coffee and thinking its got nothing to do with me!. It has everything to do with you, fans have a say, fans have power, fans can switch networks, fans can matter but only if you act.

Lets Save Constantine Wall

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Roller Coaster Ride

Right I would just like to apologies for not posting in a while but its been a bit of a roller coaster ride over the last few days and I’ve been so involved with streaming Constantine and tweeting that I couldn’t get on here.  So if you haven’t already heard and I would think that would be impossible with the way twitter and the Internet lit up on Friday Constantine has been officially cancelled by NBC.

It’s a network executive decision and how ever upset fans become about it there isn’t a great deal that anyone can do so now the thing to do is to move on as this doesn’t necessarily mean the demise of Constantine even though the Neigh Sayers would love it to be (not naming any names but bear comes to mind)

Even though NBC has left it late in the season to cancel the show it still has a chance of being picked up by another network working with a  very tight schedule for the fall season of shows.

CW-Network, Fox and others are genuine possibilities for the pick up and many stars of other shows have jumped on board stating that they would love to do a cross over guest appearance on the show.

Actors getting behind saving the show are



To have other leading actors showing support for another show like this is rare and wonderful to see 🙂

Daniel Cerone stated on twitter

NBC a “no” for Season 2. Warner Bros working hard to find new home. Stay active. Stream. Tweet.

but also thanked NBC for giving them season one as he is such a gentlement 🙂

Thanks to for Season 1. Got a nice call from the powers there. We were considered but they feel they had a strong development season.

Daniel Cerone retweeted Mark Sheppard

We intend to make something happen. Don’t blink.

So what do we do now? The best thing is to keep streaming Constantine to show all the networks out there that there is a big demand for it. Keep using the #tag Constantine and Hellblazers to show we can still trend Constantine on twitter but don’t tag NBC leave them alone and don’t stream off their site if you can help it. Politely call and email networks showing your support for the show and to see if we can encourage one of them to take it on for a second season.  Make as much noise as possible 🙂 but remember in the process please don’t rag on NBC as that will have the opposite effect to what needs to be achieved, no network would like to take on a fan base that can be antagonistic towards their company.

I’m sure that in the end it will all come out in the wash and Constantine will finally find a home that it deserves, that will support and grow it making it the brilliantly eccentric fantastic show that it can be.


Daft 🙂

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NBC Decision on Season 2 of Constantine

Daniel Cerone stated on twitter “For those asking, NBC announces fall sked 5/11. We may hear 2-3 days early. When I know you will.  ” so I am setting the count down time for the announcement date but it may be sooner 🙂

Also the # tag SaveConstantine has been trolled and spammed so please don’t use that hash tag in future if you wish to show your support for Constantine then try #RiseofConstantine


Daft 🙂

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Wales Comic con

I would just like to thank Matt Ryan for the wonderful welcome that he gave to everyone at the Wales Comic Con Event.  He was a perfect gentlemen and was very warm and welcoming 🙂

Obviously he was very busy with so many wonderful people trying to get to see him but he was patient and had a smile for everyone that he met 🙂

Currently Matt is down to attend the Tampa Bay Comic Con In July

Tampa Bay Comic Con in July 


The Wizards World Comic Con in Chicago in August


All appearances are subject to work commitments.  I hope everyone visiting those Comic Cons have a blast the same as I did 🙂  If I hear of anything else I will post here :

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Wales Comic Con

Well Ladies and Gents Wales Comi con is here 🙂 opening its doors at 10:00 am to the early bird ticket holders and then general entry for everyone else at 11:00am.  Matt Ryan will be there as well as Emmett J. Scanlan, giving autographs and photo opportunities for all 🙂

Yours truly will be going and will be posting any images that I manage to get me sweaty little paws on and will share them on Pinterest for everyone:)  so its time to begin getting ready.  Breakfast is in order as I think its gonna be a very busy day. 🙂


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