Live tweeting from Matt Ryan and JonJo ONiell

I would just like to thank Matt Ryan and Jonjo ONiell for live tweeting with Episode 9 Saints of Last Resource and Episode 4 Feast of Friends, everyone piled in and had a blast 🙂 two fantastic episodes and a brilliant audience.

Everyone needs to stream Constantine this weekend if it will help convince NBC that Constantine should be kept alive.  🙂

Here are a couple of images they posted along the way 🙂  had a wonderful time 🙂

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NBC Constantine Streaming Weekend

NBC in their wisdom have decided to stream all of the first season of Constantine for a limited time beginning on 24th April 2015.


If you don’t live in America and cant see NBC videos then there is a plug in called hola  if you down load this into Google Chrome then you will be able to join in all the fun during this weekend 🙂  Tell your family and friends about the event and lets try to get as many people from around the world streaming Constantine and see if we can bring NBC’s servers down around their ears 🙂

This is the opportunity we have been waiting for to show NBC that Constantine must get a season 2. Happy Streaming and see you there this weekend. 🙂



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Matt Ryan at Calgary Expo

Matt Ryan John Constantine himself will be attending the Calgary Expo on Saturday and Sunday, we wish him luck and hope he has a great time, I’m sure he will be meeting up with Harold Perrineau and having a blast.  All those very lucky fans I’m trying not to get jealous. 🙂

Constantine - Season 1    Calgary Expo

Calgary Expo 


Daft 🙂

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Constantine Not Cancelled Yet

This morning on twitter I have noticed that there appears to be rumors flying around that Constantine has been cancelled already. Buzzfeed Entertainment have posted that NBC have cancelled the show.

These are only rumors and until we hear it from the horses mouth  horse-mouth @DanielVCerone then we should take it all with a pinch of salt. 🙂 



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Progress on site

I have been working on the site again this evening and changed the theme slightly wanted more features to the site interface, I will be reformatting the career and press pages so that they aren’t one long page but links to each category of film, TV and theater makes it easier to see and no need for scrolling and have implemented Google Captcha as I was getting spam comments through the site which has stopped now 🙂

I have also put up some wallpapers and avatars and signature images in the gallery only a few for now but it will be more over the coming weeks, and finally uploaded some of the hand drawn art work I have been doing at the same time, I’m only an amateur but its been enjoyable.


Daft 🙂

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